HP82440B emulator more info

HP thermal infrared printer HP82240B emulator, prints on RTF page with Copy/Paste ability, connect on USB/COM Ports.



This software is provided AS IS. This means that you are supposed to know what you are doing.

I will be not responsible of any damage caused by the use or misuse of this software or of the instruction presented in this document.

I will not provide any assistance on this software. If you experience any problem write a short note on comp.sys.hp48, I will try to answer.


This software is released under th GPL license (see

The autors of 3rd party codes used in this software will be cited in the source.

I've used 3rd party codes that appare to be free code or GPL code, if anyone knows something different, please let me know and I will provide to remove those codes.

Installation Instruction

First (USB users only) download libusb-win32 from here (I've used but think anything not so old will do well). Then explode the libusb archive, in the bin/x86 folder you will find install-filter-win.exe. Connect the HP50g with USB cable and switch the calculator ON. Execute install-filter-win.exe, then choose install a device filter and click Next >. A list of USB devices will appare, choose your calculator and click Install, now the device filter is installed.

After installing the device filter on win7 I had no problem using the original connection software from HP but I cannot assure you that it will go right.

Second, download the archive containing the exe from here (16-09-2011 Updated for missing images problem), explode in the folder you prefer and run HP82240B.exe. I hope it will run smooth!

Source code

Will be available soon! give me the time to make it a little bit more readable.

TracEv more info

TRACtion EValuation software. Il programma valuta la motricita di un convoglio gommato (autotreno) su un determinato percorso definito dalle rispettive pendenze, curvature, e tipo di manto stradale permettendo di ottenere un report in formato ODF, DOC, PDF.
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